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Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Fall...from the SheShed!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Start outside!

Ahhh...summer is coming to an end soon. The tans will fade but the memories will last forever. And with the end of summer comes the promise of fall. Fall...with it's crisp air, colorful leaves, promises of pumpkin scented everything and coziness galore. But what do you do when the temperatures in your neck of the woods clearly did not get the memo that fall is on the way? How do you transition to Fall when all you can think about is floating in the pool? Start outside!

Today I’m joining nine of my sweet friends for an Early Fall Decor blog hop party. We’re sharing how we’re transitioning from Summer to Fall decor and there’s so many fabulous ideas! You’ll definitely want to see them all!

If you’ve joined me from Rose @Jenny Wren Design, thank you! Isn’t her style absolutely beautiful?! I love her simple tips to transition from summer to fall! In case you missed her blog post, here it is!

I love summer! But it has been so hot here on the Central Coast of California, with temperatures north of 100 degrees! All of my dreams for fresh vegetables died on the vine...literally! And the deer have feasted on my flowers like college students at a 24 hour all-you-can-eat-buffet. So my solution?! Start transitioning the outdoor spaces of our home to fall in hopes that Mother Nature gets the hint!

I start by visiting our local garden center and coming up with a color palette and theme. It can be neutral, vibrant, muted...this year I was drawn to rich jewel tones for our outdoor spaces. I tend to go with more subdued neutral tones in our home when decorating for fall, so I really wanted to bring color to our garden spaces.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are such a great way to add interest to any space! I love to change out the flowers and foliage in my she-shed window boxes with each season. This year I chose traditional fall tones of orange, rust, and yellow, with a pop of magenta. I added some faux pumpkins that won't rot or require any upkeep!

To mirror the window boxes, I try to incorporate the same color scheme in my hanging pots. I try to mix flowering plants with those that have colorful leaves. Coleus are absolutely beautiful and come in a wide array of colors. And once again...I pop in a faux pumpkin or two!

It's no secret that we ALL love pumpkins for fall. But it's so hard for me to spend hundreds of dollars on real pumpkins that will rot over time and need to be bleached and cleaned. Instead, I prefer to use a mix of faux and real, with a heavy emphasis on faux. That enables me to save them for years to come and saves me a lot of money! I start with the faux and then when the real pumpkins become available I don't have to buy as many and can layer them in my spaces!

I so hope you enjoyed this tip for starting the transition of summer to fall. Fall is a season of transition...the season of cooler temperatures after the blazing heat of summer. It brings a palette of warm colors, the promise of pumpkin spice, woodsmoke and crunchy leaves. Change is in the wind and I hope the whisper of the coming elements of autumn evoke happy memories!

Next up is Cynthia from Vintage and Grace Living. Cynthia has an impeccably beautiful style and you won’t want to miss her easy ways to transition your home from summer to fall!

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