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This weekend I'm all booked! And I'm showing you three ways to use books as decor!

I have a love affair with books: fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, vintage books, any and all books. It started when I was a little girl. Our family didn’t own a television until I was 15, instead my parents encouraged us to read, play outside, and play games as a family. They encouraged us to use our imagination, to be creative. Because of this, I developed a love of reading at a very early age. I remember sitting at the breakfast table, eating my bowl of cereal before school and reading the cereal boxes because it was rude to bring a book to the table during meal times!

One of my favorite things to do was curl up in a cozy chair with my snack of apple and sharp cheddar cheese slices, and get lost for hours in a good book. I took turns being Jo, Meg, Beth or Amy from Little Women. I climbed through that magical wardrobe and got lost in the magic of Narnia. I would dream about creating a cozy space like the Boxcar children. I think it’s safe to say that my love of books shaped my love of creating cozy spaces!

It makes perfect sense that I collect vintage books, and love to use them in my decor! Today I thought I would share some ways you can use books in YOUR decor, as well as what I look for when I hunt for vintage books.

1. Line book shelves…with a twist:

I often get asked why I turn my books so the spines face inward and the pages outward. It’s not that I don’t like the covers, in fact I often buy a vintage book BECAUSE of its cover! But when I’m styling specific spaces in our home, most of the time I’m going for a neutral, cozy feel. By turning the books around you can add an instant sense of “visual calm” to a room. This also allows you the opportunity to showcase one or two especially beautiful books without having to compete with other covers! Turning the books around also creates a beautiful neutral backdrop for decor on your shelves.

2. Use books as risers

I often stack books to create risers for shelves, tablescapes, mantels, or vignettes. Using books as risers creates visual interest to any space. Adding a stack of books under a cloche, candlesticks, or vase of flowers is the easiest way to add height and create a balanced look.

3. Use books to fill in gaps or add interest

A few books with gorgeous spines can fill in empty spaces. Or you could use 3-5 books of the same color to create unity in your decor. Colorful books are perfect to incorporate into your holiday decor: green and blue books for Spring, pink and red books for Valentines, red and green for Christmas!

These are just a few ways I use books as decor…the possibilities are endless! I also use books to create art, holiday decor items, tons of DIYs, but that’s a post for another day! For now, I hope you look at books beyond their covers! Oh, I’ve been known to get sidetracked when decorating with books as I often will sit down and start reading! It’s like seeing an old friend again after many years!

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