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The "Should" Detox...Decor Style!

The “Should” Decor Detox

In this world of social media it has never been easier than now to find beautiful home decor inspiration. Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest provide hours of drool worthy ideas and photos…often resulting in hours of our lives lost as we fall down those rabbit holes! And if you’re anything like me, inevitably the comparison game starts about 30 seconds in and I find myself reaching for the Oreo package while crying into my glass of wine! Everything I loved about my home suddenly suffers by comparison and I wonder when we are going to win the lottery so we can build our dream house! Do you do this?!

Here’s the deal…our homes are just fine! Rather than telling ourselves that we “should” get rid of all traces of farmhouse style, that we “should” burn all of the typography signs and distressed furniture, and tear down our shiplapped walls, we need to stop and take a breath! We need to grab our water bottles, yoga mats and green smoothies, and start the “SHOULD, CAN, WILL, BECAUSE” detox! I actually heard this idea when I was on my Peloton bike the other day, and thought that it applies to so many areas of life.

(I love my signs...distressed furniture...shiplapped walls...)

It goes a little something like this:

I SHOULD keep those typography signs.

I CAN keep that distressed furniture.

I WILL keep my shiplapped walls.

BECAUSE it makes me happy and this is OUR home! No one gets to dictate how we make OUR homes cozy!

(Tiered trays, toile wallpaper, chippy cabinets...ooooohhhh no...I spy some Rae Dunn too! The decor police are definitely coming for me!)

All of those pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest are beautiful and yes, so very inspiring. But you don’t have to turn your home into something that doesn’t feel right for you and your family just because it doesn’t look like those pictures! Do you like shabby chic? GO FOR IT! Is buffalo check your jam? Cover ALL the pillows! Are you still in love with your toile wallpaper? I say, KEEP it! Cozy is an individual state and one size does not fit all! Look for inspiration but remember that comparison is the thief of joy…do what you love and what makes your home feel cozy for YOU!

I love you all like I love my distressed furniture, white walls and advertising signs…



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