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RED, WHITE, and flag, 3 DIYs!

Yesterday morning I had big plans for myself that included sitting in bed with a cup of coffee and a good book. So I headed into the kitchen, grabbed my favorite coffee cup and headed back with my book. And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the flags on the counter. In the same spot I put them the day before, as I was unloading my tub of patriotic decor. Four 8”x12” flags…just waiting to be noticed!

Last year I used those flags as placemats for my tablescape. But as with everything, I like to reuse decor in a different way each year. And that’s when the squirrels in my brain started talking, saying, “ohhhh, we could make so many cute things with those!” So I put down my book, took my cup of coffee into my craft room, and listened to squirrels! Let me show you how to use one flag to create three different DIYs!


This is the easiest of the DIYs. For this, I used a thrifted frame I already had. I simply stapled the flag to the inside of the frame. VOILA! Instant Americana!


I love to change out pillows for each season, but that could get expensive. So instead, I switch out the pillow covers, and much of the time I make my own. I sewed this one, but you could also make this using a glue gun, or by hand sewing.



-rectangle pillow form

-sewing machine, thread, needle or glue gun

-contrasting fabric

1. Start by cutting two panels of white, cream , or other contrasting fabric, slightly bigger than your flag. (I actually cut three, to make a pocket pillow pillow cover, but that’s a tutorial for another day!)

2. Sew, hand stitch or glue the flag to the center of one of the pieces of fabric. I used a zigzag stitch with red thread for contrast.

3. Cut the second panel in half, and attach to the panel you’ve just embellished with the flag. This will be the back of your pillow cover, and creates a pocket opening for your pillow form.

4. Insert your pillow from inside the pocket flaps and you’ve got yourself a flag pillow!



-large oval embroidery hoop



-hot glue gun( this is the brand/model I have and I love it RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Full Size Glue Gun (Tool-Only) with 3 General Purpose Glue Sticks P305)

-US map printout (I used this one

-scrabble tiles

-ribbon or pre-made bow

1. Center flag in embroidery hoop and stretch tight.

2. Print out map and cut slightly larger. I rounded the edges so as not to have intricate detail. This makes it easier, believe me!

3. Place the printout in the center of the flag and place the buttons around it, alternating shapes and sizes for interest.

4. Once the buttons are in place, attach each one with hot glue. This takes time. A long time. I recommend having your favorite binge worthy show playing on Netflix. And maybe wear gloves so your fingers don’t get burnt. Pro tip: use tweezers or needle nose pliers to pick up the buttons, this helps to avoid getting burned!

5. Once all buttons are glued down, remove the paper printout. Use the same method to glue down your scrabble tiles.

6. Attach bow and hang!

This project didn’t cost me a dime, as I had all the supplies on hand. But even if you don’t, you can easily get most of what you need at Dollar Tree or by checking out your thrift stores. I got my flags at Target last year, but found some similar on Amazon

Iconikal Garden Yard Flag, USA American Flag, 12 x 18-Inch, 2-Pack

I hope you enjoy these DIYs, and please leave a comment if you try one! I love your feedback!

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful home! And listen to the squirrels in your head…sometimes they have really good ideas!



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