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Our homes...our movie sets

Your home is your “movie set.”

I read this in a book recently and it instantly resonated with me. Have you ever watched a movie where the home didn’t match the characters? Probably not! The homes in movies have to work…they have to reflect the hearts and lives of the characters in order to make sense.

Movie homes tell a story too, and complete the development of the characters. Just like the movies, our homes are our “sets.” They should be a reflection of who we truly are. I want our home style to be authentic and to leave no doubt, so that when someone walks in they say, “oh yes, Tracy definitely lives here!” I want our home to be an authentic extension of our family, to make someone feel as if they just stepped into a warm, cozy hug.

Which is why our home decor has stayed fairly consistent since Aaron and I married 29 years ago. In fact, I can honestly say my love of cottage vintage, or “cottagepolitan” as I like to refer to it, dates back to my first studio apartment in college!

We have changed some pieces throughout the years, and added in a little more rustic, but we have stayed true to who we are. Sometimes I feel the pressure of caving into the decor du jour of the moment, be it modern farmhouse, minimalist style, bold colored walls, etc.

But then I ask myself, “Is that really who I am? Or would I feel a bit like an outsider in my own home?” I think this is an important question to ask. Are we decorating our homes for our families or for social media? Do we want to create more “likes “ or give more “hugs?”



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