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It’s Fall Y’all! Let’s talk cider, pumpkins and all things cozy and fall!

I don't know about you, but Fall is truly my favorite season! I love the changing colors of the leaves and how they crunch beneath my feet. I love lighting all of the candles and basking in their cozy glow. Fall, to me, is the most romantic season, with it's rich warm colors, textures and scents! So today's blog post is dedicated to all things cozy to celebrate the richness of Fall!


I wanted to create a cozy corner in our home that would invite visitors to snuggle up and stay a while. So I listened to the squirrels in my head yesterday and came up with this Cider station. I had so much fun styling this…the life of a creative, right?! I’m happiest when I’m creating beautiful cozy spaces or items! I added some cider, sliced apples with my caramel cream cheese dip, and pumpkin snickerdoodles, and a little bottle of some adult “spice” for those who want to add a little kick to their cider!

I think this is the perfect spot to grab a cup of cider, a cookie or two, and curl up with a good book…what do you think?


The other thing that I love to do during the Fall season is make things that will add to the coziness of our home, like this DIY pumpkin pillow and Fresh Cider sign. Would you believe I made that pillow from two placemats?! I was inspired by my Instagram friend, Erin @southernhomeandliving. After seeing her darling pillows I immediately ran (ok, I drove, who am I kidding) to TJMAXX and grabbed a set of four placemats for $16.99. I then placed two together, wrong sides facing each other, and sewed around the edge. You could also use a glue gun if you don't see! Leave about 3 inches open at the bottom. Stuff with fiberfill, down stuffing, or whatever you have on hand. See the opening shut and you now have a darling pillow! I tore a strip of muslin to tie a bow around the stems because...I'm all about the bows! VOILA! An easy peasy pillow for only $8! And the best part? You can make another OR create a place setting for two with the remaining placemats!


I love pumpkins and all things pumpkin spice...I mean, is it even Fall if those aren't front and center?! These pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies will win over even the most anti-pumpkin crowd, with their not too sweet and subtle kiss of pumpkin! They are soft, chewy, and oh so delicious! They perfect little cookie when you just want a little nibble of something sweet!

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles


This Caramel Cream Cheese Dip is the perfect alternative to Caramel Apples! It's so easy to make! Here's how I did it:


8oz cream cheese (I used the whipped)

1/2 C caramel sauce

1/2 C marshmallow fluff

Blend together and serve with apple slices! So easy!

I filled a clean empty bottle with some fresh cider. I like to provide cinnamon sticks, orange slices and cloves so guests can add to their own liking, and of course a little bottle adult "spice" for those who want to kick it up a notch!

This Cider Bar has me so excited for all that fall has to offer! Like Anne of Green Gables so perfectly said, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers!"

Tomorrow I will be sharing my Cozy Fall Dinner for Friends, with my Creamy Roasted Garlic and Butternut Squash Pasta with Braised Pork Belly and Italian Sausage's sooooo yummy!

Happy Fall sweet friends!



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