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It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Fall!

Hi friends! Thank you for stopping by! Today several of my friends and I are having a little "Fall is in the Air" blog hop! If you're here it means you just left Crystal's blog from Sweet Valley Acres...isn't her home gorgeous?!

Now that you're here, come on in a stay a while! Let me give you a little tour of our early fall decor, and share a few tips along the way!

This little bench from Decor Steals in our entry is one of my favorite things to style each season! It's the perfect canvas! I simply switch out the florals, blankets, and shop our home for vintage pieces that match the color palette I've chosen.

The gallery wall is also another favorite of mine to change throughout the seasons. I generally keep the staples up and just change out the florals, art or photos, and wreath. An easy and cost effective way to change out art is to go on Etsy and find vintage like prints to download. Simply print out on textured card stock, pop in a vintage frame and VOILA! Instant art!

I also hang seasonal sweaters or jackets on the accordion peg rack for a cozy feel! And they're easily accessible on the way out the door!

Wreaths are a great way to change decor with each season. I love changing out this galvanized wine barrel ring at the beginning of every season with different florals, stems and ribbon. I have an easy DIY for doing this that I will share here soon! We live in wine country so these rings are easy to find, but if you aren't so lucky try your local antique stores!


Tablescapes are like a painters canvas to me. I absolutely love creating new tablescapes for every season and event! I start with a blank surface, clean it well and gather items from our home. I also try to incorporate vintage glasses, flatware or dishes, as well as several DIYS. The wooden centerpiece trough was made by my father after I saw one that Liz Galvan had her husband make. I love how it can easily be changed for any season! I stuff the bottom with crumpled craft paper, add wood blocks to give height, and then start layering! This year I used a vintage cookbook from 1801, some vintage brown bottles, vintage French books, a wicker Chianti bottle, and some vintage bingo cards. I also added a faux princess pumpkin candle, another DIY I will be sharing soon.

I love to incorporate everyday items into my centerpiece, such as the wicker plate holders. They add texture and height, creating interest. Don't be afraid to use everyday items in new ways!


I am still working on our family room, but here is a sneak peak of our built-ins and mantel,

along with my husband's bar area.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking this little tour of our Fall home! Next stop is Kylie of Trueman's're in for a treat!

Be sure to check out all the beautiful blogs participating in this hop!










XO, Tracy

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