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How to create an outdoor tablescape for ALL of the Patriotic holidays without breaking the bank!

I love hosting dinner parties outside, especially here on the Central Coast of CA! It might get hotter than Hades during the day, but the evenings cool off and are absolutely glorious! And nothing is more fun, or screams summer, than hosting an outdoor dinner to celebrate all of the patriotic holidays! Today I'm bringing you all of my outdoor table tips!

  1. Start with a clean slate:

I like to start by cleaning the table really well and gathering up all the items I think I might want to use. This allows me to see what I have, in case I'm missing an item. It also often gives me an excuse to make a quick thrift store run!

2. Start adding layers

As you can see, I start with a table runner (if I'm using one), then add placemats or chargers. I love using natural textures outside, like these jute chargers, because I just feel like they give all the summer vibes! I then go through everything I've gathered up and start adding to the layers.

3. Use real china and glasses!

Listen, don't get me wrong, when it comes to easy and simple dining, I'm a big fan of paper plates and plastic utensils! But nothing makes a guest feel more special than when you bring out the real china and glasses! And I promise they'll help you do the dishes after! Or better yet, throw them in the sink and enjoy time with your guests. The next morning, light a candle, pour some coffee and put on some music. Then start washing those dishes while thinking about what a wonderful evening you had the night before!

3. Mix and match

I love to mix patterns, with dishes and linens. I feel like this elevates the look of your table and adds another element of interest. For this table I used. a combination of thrifted vintage Willowware plates, with red toile ironstone, and added thrifted blue goblets. I also mixed and matched the linens, using red gingham and blue ticking favorite combination!

4. Use a combination of real and faux plants, in interesting vessels

I love to use real and faux plants on our table...there's less to water! My parents have given me several old metal calf buckets over the years, and I use them for EVERYTHING! I planted a red geranium, blue lobelia, and white petunias in a calf bucket. Planted some more petunias in a vintage coffee tin, and then added a faux plant to my vintage Cracker Jack tin. I layered these on a vintage tin roof tile. Add in some flags and a thrifted tin star and VOILA!

4. Use a faux cake

Nothing makes a party more festive than a cake! But you can't bring it out until you're ready to eat, so why not try making a faux cake for the table?! Pretty, festive, won't melt and comes without all of the calories! You can find so many tutorials for these on Pinterest, or you can find a tutorial on my Instagram @justtracytalk, under the highlight Faux Naked Cake DIY.

I made the cake pictured 2 1/2 years ago and she's still going strong! Not even stale! I love changing out her decorations for each holiday and season, and have not gained a single pound in the process!

If you don't have the time to make your own faux cake there are so many talented "bakers" on Etsy!

Remember, you don't have to break the bank to host a beautiful dinner party. Shop your home. Visit thrift stores. Don't be afraid to incorporate DIYs. But most importantly...enjoy the people you are with and be present in the moment!



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