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From blasé to cozy…How to incorporate thrifted and vintage pieces into your kitchen decor

Well, hello there friend! Happy Monday!

Today I’m sharing a room in our home that I love but rarely show on here because it’s hard to photograph! However, in a rare moment yesterday, all of the stars aligned and I was able to grab a few pictures! Our kitchen is the most used room in our home, and when we have people over everyone tends to congregate in this space. It’s perfect for me because I love to cook and feeding people is my life language! Over the years we have filled this space with thrifted and vintage pieces, to create a feeling of coziness. Today I’m sharing a few tips to create cozy in your kitchen!


We found those vintage lights over our island at a local junk store. They came out an old local barracks building here on the Central Coast.

My husband @kokosmagictalkbox rewired them and then hung them as a surprise for me while I was on a trip to New York with our daughter! He’s truly the best!


Apothecary jars, vintage blue mason jars, vintage ironstone …not only do I love to collect and display these pieces, but I also use them. I love to keep my flour and sugar in apothecary jars, and store my cookie cutters in one as well!

This one holds my tea bags!


Beautiful functionality…it’s a must in my book! I don’t love to wash dishes but when I have pretty pieces to look at it’s an easier chore! I love using cake stands to hold glass bottles of dish soap, a candle, and a sign that reminds me to unload the dishwasher…another task I’m not fond of doing! I also use a vintage ironstone bowl to hold sponges , scrubbers, and sink stoppers.


The scale hanging above our island came from an antique store in Exeter, CA. We got it for $25! I love using it for seasonal decor, as well as storing fresh fruit! It’s not only part of my decor but it’s useful!


I have a collection of silver trays, all thrifted. They are an evergreen on my thrifting list, and I always grab them when I see them. They are so versatile!

I love to use my vintage silver trays to hold items I use on a regular basis. This tray is right next to the stove and keeps everything I need organized and close by. A vintage silver champagne buckets holds utensils. I found that marble covered cheese dish at a thrift store and use it to hold butter. My wooden cutting board collection covers unsightly wall plugs!

More apothecary jars hold coffee, cinnamon-sugar, and an ironstone creamer is full of stamped spoons. The perfect coffee bar set up! I love to use ironstone bowls to hold fresh produce.

The next time you’re out thrifting or antique shopping, don’t forget to look for pieces that are not only pretty but functional! Think outside of the box. Little touches can truly turn a space from just ok to cozy and inviting!

Thank you so much for stopping by, sweet friend! I hope you enjoyed these tips!


XO, Tracy

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