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Five Patriotic Outdoor Planter Ideas

Hi friends! Do you decorate for Memorial Day? I have always done a little something, usually involving a flag or two. But I find myself adding more and more every year…this year is no exception. Maybe it’s because I have more time! This year I wanted to do more outside decor as well, so I planted several patriotic flower arrangements and thought I’d share with you!

I love giving new life to old, discarded items, especially in the garden! Here are five different flower planter ideas, using mostly vintage, thrifted, or found containers.

1. Old chair and vintage mop holder:

My friends are always giving me things they find or no longer want, because they know I’ll probably do something creative. This chair was no exception! It came to me, minus the seat caning. I found an old mop bucket, complete with a mop holder, at a thrift store. So of course, I turned both into a planter!

I dry brushed the chair with white paint first, to give it a bit more character. I then stapled a coconut basket into the hole where the seat would be, and filled partially with soil. I added a red geranium and more soil.

Once the chair was planted I placed the mop bucket at an angle behind the geranium, pushing the bottom in the soil for stability. Again, I used a coconut basket to hold the soil. I added a salvia and more soil. I love how a common mop holder is now a thing of beauty!

Pro tip: when planting, keep the plant in the original bucket, and place in the chosen vessel. Add soil around the container and then pull the container out. You’ve now got the perfect size hole for your plant! This will save time, soil, and is less messy!

2. Vintage Tins

I love using vintage advertising tins as planters! Something about old graphics grabs my heart. My husband found this old coffee tin on our property years ago and I absolutely love it! I popped in a red and white petunia, and a clipping from one of my succulents for a little pop of blue. So cute!

Pro tip: make sure to drill holes for drainage in the bottom of your tin. You can also add gravel.

3. Old calf buckets

My parents have given me several old galvanized metal calf buckets and I love using them in the garden. They are perfect for herbs, flowers, corralling garden tools! Most of them are already perfectly rusty, chippy, with naturally created holes! But if they are pristine, I drill holes in the bottom for drainage. For this planter I used a blue lobelia, white petunia and red geranium. I just love how cheerful it looks!

4. Vintage Cola Cooler

Aaron and I found this vintage metal Coca Cola cooler at a flea market years ago, when we were newlyweds. It’s one of our favorite finds. I knew it would be perfect for a patriotic planter! I added a layer of gravel for drainage. Blue larkspur, creamy dahlia, and red geraniums make the perfect patriotic combination!

5. Pre-made Hanging Basket in Metal Bucket

If you don’t have time to plant your own flowers and wait for them to fill out, simply buy a beautiful pre-made hanging basket from your garden center. Fill the bottom of a metal bucket with soil. Cut the plastic hanger off and gently remove the plant from the container. Pop into the bucket, add more soil and VOILA! Instant gratification!

What do you think of these patriotic planter ideas? Let me know in the comments! And thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a beautiful day!



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