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Fall is all about Layers! Layered Butter Board

Fall is the time of year when we start to layer clothes, never knowing exactly what weather the day will bring. Well, today I'm showing you how to apply that same concept to a butter board! I wanted to create a "butter" board that would appeal to a variety of tastes. I am joining some amazing bloggers today for a Fall and Halloween blog hop!

If you're here it means you just came from Nicole's blog,

How adorable are those ghost lanterns?!

Okay...let's create some scrumptiousness!

For this board I used a homemade butter made from smoked cream and roasted garlic, a truffle Brie, and goat cheese drizzled with honey.

I think it's fun to use different colors, textures and flavors when creating a layered board. I went with a mix of creamy, savory and sweet. I started with a creamy layer of my homemade smoked roasted garlic butter, spreading 2/3C with a spatula.

For the next layer I chose a smooth and savory Truffle Brie. I used half of the round and spread it under the butter creating a slight overlap.

For the final layer I chose goat cheese with honey, once again making sure to create a slight overlap.

Once all of your basic layers are established, it's time to accessorize! Much like an outfit, this is the fun part...when you can let your personality shine!

I topped the smoked garlic butter with sweet peppers, calmata olives and feta. The Brie got an extra drizzle of Truffle oil and sprinkle of pine nuts. And I gave the goat cheese a little extra honey for good measure, and then finished it with some toasted pumpkin seeds.

Add a variety crackers, some cheese twists, sourdough bread, almonds and dried cranberries. And have a beautiful layered "butter" board! The perfect autumnal treat!

Next up is Kylie of Trueman's Treasures, sharing her SPOOKTACULAR version of a yummy butter board!

Be sure to check out all of these amazing blogs and their yummy fall inspiration!




I so hope you enjoyed my layered butter board! Would love to hear from you!

Love you all like I love butter and Brie!



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